Harvoxx Tech. Hub Issues Warning About Scammer Impersonator Exploiting Rivers State Tech Enthusiasts

[Port Harcourt], [18th January, 2024] — In a shocking revelation, Harvoxx Tech. Hub, a leading tech organization, has uncovered an elaborate scam targeting Harvoxxians (name used to address their community members) and tech enthusiasts in Rivers State. The organization has identified a fraudulent individual operating under the name RAWLINGS REDWINE GUDI, who is falsely claiming association with the DIGITAL SKILL-UP PROJECT for 300 Youths in Rivers State.

Image Source: harvoxx tech. hub

As of January 18, 2024, it has come to our attention that RAWLINGS REDWINE GUDI is misleading individuals and collecting money under the guise of the DSP-300 Project, an initiative by Harvoxx Tech. Hub aimed at empowering youths in Rivers State.

Harvoxx Tech. Hub wishes to clarify that the DIGITAL SKILL-UP PROJECT (DSP-300) is an annual initiative solely organized and sponsored by Harvoxx Tech. Hub. The program is designed as a philanthropic effort to give back to the Rivers State community and is not associated with any external funding or partnership, including the Rivers State Government.

Image Source: harvoxx tech. hub

The organization emphasizes that the DSP-300 Project is entirely free of charge, and participants are not required to make any payments. Harvoxx Tech. Hub is deeply concerned about the exploitation of Rivers State citizens by individuals like RAWLINGS REDWINE GUDI and urges the public to exercise caution.

Harvoxx Tech. Hub reiterates that guidelines for applying to the training program are exclusively communicated through official social media platforms. Interested individuals are advised to follow these platforms closely for accurate information and updates on application procedures.

Harvoxx Tech. Hub calls upon all Harvoxxians, Rivers State residents, and tech enthusiasts to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to the DIGITAL SKILL-UP PROJECT. The organization remains committed to the welfare and empowerment of the community and condemns any attempt to exploit the ignorance of individuals.

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