“NETWORK FREEZE” Scheduled to Happen During 2023 Elections: MTN Clarifies.


MTN is Nigeria’s largest telecom operator with nearly 90 million active subscriptions.

The leading mobile telecommunication network in Africa announced they would carry out a “NETWORK FREEZE” during the presidential and governorship elections.

The announcement has caused panic among Nigerians. Some Nigerian have even questioned the rationale behind the choice of the election period by MTN to carry out NETWORK FREEZE.

MTN Nigeria

However, MTN has now explained that a Network Freeze does not mean a total shot down of the network.

“Keeping the network as it is, is a common practice in Telecom referred to as Network Freeze,” MTN said.

MTN in a notice, further explained that they carry out any form of changes during critical times (like the election period) to reduce the chances of an outage.

The decision of the company to implement the “Network Freeze” during the elections will ensure that there is stability in the network. During the “Network Freeze” MTN is meant to suspend all activities (such as upgrades or maintenance) that could lead to any form of interruption or network outage.

In simple terms, During the Network Freeze,

  • Activities such as upgrades, maintenance, or core work capable of interrupting the network are not carried out.
  • the network is expected to be stable within the period.

According to Nairametrics, MTN said that the network freeze is scheduled to take place as follows:

First Freeze: February 24th – March 1st, 2023

Second Freeze: March 10th – March 15th, 2023

Karl Toriola, CEO, MTN Nigeria

Therefore, there is no need for panic because the Network Freeze does not mean a Network Shutdown.

Network Freeze does not mean a service outage.

From all of us at Techblit Blog we want to encourage you to go out and vote for your conscience.

Don’t sell your vote.

Don’t sell your future.

OBIdiently secure your future with your vote.

AUTHOR: Eni Nnendah Queen

(Teamlead, Techblit Blog)


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