HerTechTrail: Helping Thousands of African Women Get Into Tech

The tech industry for years now has received numerous hits on gender inclusion in its sector.
HerTechTrail a Port Harcourt-based Tech NGO is one online community for African women that hits so well on gender inclusion in the Tech Industry.

HerTechTrail is an online Tech-NGO community that helps African women build sustainable careers in tech by equipping them with relevant tech skills, and the learning tools needed e.g. laptops and providing them access to opportunities.

Recently, the percentage of African women in tech has grown to about 30% but, in a world where women are considered to be more in population than their male counterparts, it is still not enough.

Hertechtrail was launched on 30th November 2019. Founded by Gloria Ojukwu (a Technical Product Manager, Agile Coach, and Author), with the intention to help ladies get started in tech careers, hertechtrail has grown into a global movement with members across Africa and beyond.

HerTechTrail currently runs an academy, a 100% virtual learning platform for women in Tech/Africa. Their academy offers the following on-demand tech skills to women for free;
·         Web Development
·         UI/UX Design
·         Product Management
·         Data Analysis
·         Digital Marketing

HerTechTrail has successfully trained thousands of women in Africa and beyond.

Visit www.hertechtrail.org for more info about them…

Author: Eni Nnendah Queen

(Team Lead at Techblit, 07033285643).

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