Top 7 Young Females Influencing The Growth of The Tech Ecosystem in Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is gradually becoming a true hub for technology in Nigeria, and this is partly due to the efforts of young, innovative minds who are making waves in the tech industry. In that regard, in this article, we will be highlighting, young females influencing the growth of the tech ecosystem in Port Harcourt.

These young women are not only excelling in their fields but also inspiring others to pursue a career in technology.

Here are the top 7 young females (in no particular order) doing amazing stuff in the tech ecosystem in Port Harcourt:


GLORIA OJUKWU, Founder HerTechTrail

Gloria Ojukwu is the founder of HerTechTrail. HerTechTrail was launched on 30th November 2019, with the vision to help women get started in Tech careers. Hertechtrail has grown into a global movement with members across Africa and beyond.

Gloria has driven HerTechtrail to become a reputable organization that practically bridges the gap, between men and women in the tech ecosystem, by equipping African women to get started in Tech and sustain Tech Careers with relevant and on-demand tech and digital skills.

HerTechTrail Academy is at the Heart of HerTechTrail. A 100% virtual learning platform for women in Tech women in Africa. It is on record that about 30% of the Academy Alumni are gainfully employed with their tech skills.

As of today, HerTech Trail has:

  • 10,000+ community members Across 15 countries in Africa, Europe, & America
  • 5000+ Scholarship beneficiaries.
  • 20+ Coaches across Africa, Europe, and America.
  • 6+ Partners
  • 3,000+ Black Women Trained
  • 8+ Premium members of her HerTechHero Program.
  • 12+ Laptop beneficiaries
  • 300+ data support beneficiaries.
  • 5 award recognitions and features.

Gloria Ojukwu, has become a voice and impact. She’s inspiring thousands of women across the world. She leads a team of 8 core team members and they are seriously impacting and driving the growth of the Port Harcourt Tech ecosystem.


Ruth Amachree, Founder of Techrity

Ruth Amachree is the founder of Techrity (coined from the words – “Technology” and “Charity”.) An organization that helps individuals successfully transition into a Tech career by providing them with the necessary tools to make their journey a smooth one.

They have built a strong community of mentors that help to make the Mentees learning, a solid and enjoyable experience.

One of Techrity’s innovative projects is the Build for Social Good. The Build for social good is a hackathon program aimed at encouraging developers, designers, and techies to build scalable products/ideas to solve a social good problem in their communities.

Techrity has been described as a rocket launcher that creates amazing opportunities for Techies.

Ruth Amachree’s Techrity is the convener of the “TECH FOR GOOD” event. The 2022 edition of the event had:

  • 250 physical attendees
  • 10+ online attendees
  • 6 Social Impact Organizations
  • 5 speakers
  • 20 Awardees.

 Ruth Amachree through Techrity is making a massive impact in the tech space in Port Harcourt and beyond.

As of the end of the year 2022, Techrity has:

  • 600 Community members
  • 12 Partnerships
  • 70+ individuals mentored across Nigeria, Ghana, India
  • 15+ mentors across India and Nigeria
  • 20+ individuals supported with Browsing Data
  • 1 young techie supported with a Laptop at the Young Techies Festival by Code Ambassadors.

Ruth Amachree is contributing immensely towards the growth of the Port Harcourt Tech Ecosystem through the techrity organization. She’s a shining light and her enormous sacrifice deserves accolades.


Eni Nnendah Queen, Teamlead, Techblit Blog

Eni Nnendah Queen is the TeamLead at TechBlit Blog. Techblit Blog was launched on 21st July 2022, with the vision to become the number one Techblog that contributes to and pivots the growth of the next generation of Techies and the Tech-Ecosystem in Port Harcourt. In just a few months after its launch, TechBlit has grown into a reputable Techblog with a wide reach and growing cult-like followership. tells the Port Harcourt Tech Story to the rest of the world. They share the best tech news, products, and innovations out of Port Harcourt with the rest of the world through their blog/social media content, live interviews, data-driven articles, events, tech-based programs, strategic alliances, etc.

They put out the stories of everyone in the Tech ecosystem – Developers, product managers, founders, product designers, enthusiasts, Tech-Hubs, Key players, Tech-based NGOs, etc.

Queen’s Techblit Blog runs a series of programs geared towards telling the Port Harcourt Tech Story to the rest of the world.

Within the last 10 months after their launch, Techblit blog can boast of some interesting numbers, such as:

  • 6 unique programs on various social media platforms.
  • 50,000+ persons reached.
  • 30+ products featured/reviewed.
  • 10+ events covered
  • 8 strategic partnerships
  • 3000+ online followers
  • 10,000+ website visits
  • 5 startups given media support.

Just 3-4 months after launch, Techblit blog hosted the maiden edition of their annual tech event, NOCode Festival (NoCodeFEST). NoCodeFEST is designed to bring to the fore, the beauty of NoCode. It was an event that focused on the Non-code aspect of tech. The maiden edition which was held on October 22, 2022, had:

  • 500+ physical attendees
  • 2000+ online attendees
  • 7 speakers
  • 9 panelists
  • 9+ partners
  • 6+ communities
  • 10+ brands

Queen is a core team player of one of Port Harcourt’s most influential Tech Hubs, Harvoxx Tech Hub. She is the Chief admin. and Head of IT/Internship department. She oversees the DSP-300 and DSP-100 (digital skill acquisition) training of Harvoxx Tech Hub.

She has coordinated the training of over 500 persons (under DSP-300) and 80+ persons (under DSP-100).

She has consistently led the volunteers’ team and played a pivotal role in hosting the Hub’s signature events (Techup Port Harcourt and Ladies-Can-Tech events). She has influenced lots of other young people in her volunteer positively and helped them gain self-confidence and visibility. She has led over 600+ volunteers within the last 2 years.

Eni Nnendah Queen has become a voice and a movement. She’s consistently making tremendous sacrifices and driving initiatives and concepts that are helping shape the Port Harcourt Tech ecosystem.

4. KENILE ACHIJE & Co-Founders

Co-Founders of

Kenile Achije, is the Teamlead/co-founder of Cutrate is an online hospitality platform that is set out to provide hotels that are affordable and on a budget with good standards and qualities at one click.

Kenile co-founded alongside 5 other amazing ladies Favor Abraham, Chiamaka Ugwu, Melissa Ezechi, QueenMary Nwafor, and Stella Nterien. Collectively these ladies built and launched on October 22, 2022.

They have collectively as a team been driving the product and smashing KPIs and gaining eye-catching tractions.

They have appeared on several platforms and events preaching the cutrate message. They have become a source of inspiration to lots of other young people who dream of building and owning a product.

Kenile and her team are currently focused on piloting their product, increasing reactions, and gaining market penetration.

The vibe and energy with which they have been pushing the cutrate project are very emulatable.

Cutrate has also sponsored FREE digital marketing training for some individuals in 2022.

They have 10+ hotels that have signed up, 1500 followers on all social media platforms, 5 partnerships, appeared in 8+ events, and a very good number of users.

Kenile, Favor, Chiamaka, Melissa, QueenMary, and Stella’s resolve to build and launch this product has shown what young techies in the Port Harcourt tech ecosystem are capable of.

They are indeed a beacon of hope.


Mmeyene Victory Mmesoma, Founder of IgniteVA

Mmeyene Victory Mmesoma is the founder of igniteVA. At IgniteVA, They carefully pair executives with an experienced Virtual Assistant and save them precious time, so they can focus on what matter most. Their cost-effective services save you up to 90% compared to hiring an assistant full-time.

Mmeyene Victory Mmesoma founded igniteVA just 3 years ago and has grown it into a reputable company that offers amazing services such as:

Ignite VA hires pre-vetted, certified, and experienced virtual assistants for your business. No sourcing, no screening, no overhead. They take care of it all for you.

Mmeyene Victory Mmesoma’s igniteVA has served 22+ top brands such as UK Beauty Connection, WriteUp Africa, Uncle Nurse, The Next Landlord, Evergreen Life Ministry, VAST integrated solutions limited, etc.

IgniteVA has successfully completed 380+ in the last 3 years.

With her high-performance team, Mmeyene Victory Mmesoma is a huge source of encouragement and a role model to many young people in and outside the tech ecosystem in Port Harcourt and beyond.

Her growth, consistency, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to creating value are contributing enormously to the growth of the Tech ecosystem in Port Harcourt.


Shulamite John, Founder of Femcode Africa

Shulamite is the founder of FemCode Africa.

FemCode Africa is a virtual tech education company focused on training young females in Africa and helping them get employed.

FemCode Africa is your No.1 Virtual Hub with the vision of educating and empowering all females across Africa with in-demand tech skills for free or at very affordable prices without them having to leave the comfort of their homes.

With over 3000 females impacted directly and indirectly across Sub Sharan Africa in just 2 years, they are the best bet for female inclusion and independence using digital technology.

They have successfully secured jobs for more than 80% of their trainees across multiple countries over the past few years.

In a bid to achieve their ultimate objective, FemCode launched a community in March 2023 to effectively mentor, get feedback, and support their trainees. The fast-growing community is gradually becoming a platform that catapults young females to their full potential.

Shulamite’s Femcode Africa, organizes a yearly Hackathon. The hackathon is designed to encourage young females to create tech solutions and also master their skills. The hackathon also provides a platform for the participants to gain visibility and also gain access to mentors. They use this medium to help the participants attract the attention of incubation and acceleration hubs.

Recently, FemcodeAfrica introduced a mini-Hackathon that runs for a week with a day set aside as a pitch day. The mini-Hackathon which comes with amazing prices is designed to help graduates from FEMCODE trainings master their skills, build solutions and gain support.

Shulamite is doing amazing things with FemCode Africa with:

  • 3000+ Females impacted
  • 80% of the trainees were supported to get jobs
  • 170+ community members
  • 1 mini-hackathon
  • 38 Mini-Hackathon participants.

She has created a positive wave across the tech ecosystem in Port Harcourt and Beyond. She is a great source of inspiration and she is contributing to the growth of the Tech-ecosystem in Port Harcourt.

7. Anowai Chikaodili Ifeatu Christabel

Anowai Chikaodili, Founder of TechYOUnity

Anowai Chikaodili popularly known as “Kodi” is the founder of TechYOUnity.

TechYOUnity is a community that helps Techies gain balance and become excellent through well-tailored community engagements, strategic collaborations, and programs. TechYOUnity is set up to be a pillar that you can lean on as you embark on the journey to be an EXCELLENT TECHIE. They have built the platform to be able to drive techies through the potholes and roadblocks to take you to the land of EXCELLENT TECHIES.

Kodi and her team launched TechYounity on October 22, 2023, at the NoCodeFEST organized by TechBlit, and in less than a year, she has been able to drive the organization to enviable heights. Their numbers are quite encouraging and a true reflection of a dogged and focused Teamlead.

In less than a year, TechYOUnity can boost of:

  • 600+ community members.
  • 1000+ followers on various social media platforms.
  • 5+ Partnerships.
  • 10+ event appearances
  • 3+ virtual training programs (Such as TECH 101, etc).
  • 5+ books read by community members in the “Book reading challenge”.
  • 300+ trained on soft skills via virtual training.

This year TechYOUnity kicked off her hangout series. The first edition was tagged “Easter Tech Hangout”. The hangout had:

  • 100+ techies and aspiring techies attended.
  • 15+ brands represented
  • 10+ tech founders.

Attendees shared ideas, eat, relaxed, and networked, and found new insights on how to become better at what they do.

The event was so memorable and impactful.

The program attracted the attention of key players in the Tech ecosystem and beyond.

Kodi’s TechYOUnity has made it easier for people to join a community that helps them gain the necessary knowledge, insight, and networks needed to excel in their tech careers.

Kodi is a true reflection of everything determination, commitment, and focus can be.

Slow and steady, little by little, Kodi is contributing positively and helping shape our Port Harcourt Tech-ecosystem.

AUTHOR: Kay D’ Ryta

(Content Writer)

[email protected]

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